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The Educational Department of the Jerusalem Theatre has advises and creates a high standard programme of enrichment for the students of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. Every year, thousands of students come to the Theatre to see plays, shows and dance performances. We consider this a benefit to the students, educators and coordinators, deepening their contact with the Theatre and influencing the purchasing habits for cultural consumption of the general public.

The staff of this Department invests thought and effort to ensure that the students of the city and its surroundings come to the Theatre. During the school year, regular contact is maintained with school principals and teachers, with the aim of drawing the students closer to the world of the stage and enriching their experiences.


Junior High and High School Students

Experiencing Theatre


During the school year, the Jerusalem Theatre presents dozens of different plays recommended and authorized by the "National Cultural Basket" and the Ministry of Education. In order to prepare students and deepen their appreciation of the experience of seeing a play, educators can obtain preparatory material, evening programmes, lists of topics for discussion, and more.

Encounters with the Actors
Meeting with actors, producers and directors before or after plays can be arranged on request.


The Theatre Studio
The Jerusalem Theatre holds a series of encounters about the theatre. The series, an initiative of the Theatre in cooperation with Ascolot, is unique in the country. Actor, director, author and lecturer and until recently dramaturge of the Be'er Sheva Theatre, Roy Horovitz, directs the programme. A graduate of the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, holder of cum laude BA and MA degrees in Theatre Arts from Tel-Aviv University and winner of prizes for excellence in acting and direction, he has partaken part in productions in most theatres in Israel as well as overseas.  In 2010-2011, Horowitz will present a series of fascinating and unique encounters with several of Israeli theater's leading actors, each a veteran with rich and colorful experience, and a milestone in the history of the country's theatre. More Encounters information

Up to 20 theatre students may attend each encounter


Student Dance Subscription
The Jerusalem Theatre Dance Subscription includes a rich spectrum of performances by leading Israeli and overseas dance companies.

High school students can enjoy a subscription or single performances as chosen by their teachers. Master classes can also be arranged.
 More Dance information


Cinema at the Theatre
The regular daily screenings of films at the Theatre are also recommended for and can be attended by students. Films, along with a lecture, can be ordered by special request and shown in a private viewing. More Cinema information


Holocaust Remembrance Day Events
The Education Department takes great care in providing appropriate content for Holocaust Remembrance Day: plays, concerts films. Ceremonies and lectures may also be held in the various halls of the Theatre.


Activities for Kindergarten and Elementary-School Students 

Children's Subscription


At the Jerusalem Theatre there are two children's series:

First Glance (Hatzatza Rishona) for 3-6 year olds

Second Show (Hatztza Shniyah) for 7-10 year olds

In the framework of the Children's Subscription, we offer children a valuable, special and exciting experience, with the best plays put on by leading children's and youth theatres.  The carefully selected plays, respect children's intelligence, enrich them and teach them to partake of fine culture. More Children's Subscription information 

Kindergarten and Elementary School classes may attend subscription plays, and meetings with actors may also be arranged.

Behind the Scenes - A theatrical tour behind the scenes of the Jerusalem Theatre.

The Theatre considers its task to bring to its public, particularly to its young audience, added value to viewing plays, and draw them closer to this artistic world via creative and original experiences. To attain this goal, the Theatre produces an original production: Behind the Scenes.


This is an exciting journey backstage, with the full participation of the audience. The play is created specifically for this Theatre and moves through its halls and stages and integrates video, interaction between the live actors and the screen, the actors and the audience, and includes various genres, such as pantomime, street theatre, and more.

Unique to the Jerusalem Theatre, the production is authorized by the "National Cultural Basket" and is appropriate for 5-10 year olds. Dozens of kindergartens and school classes have already enjoyed this special and unforgettable performance. Private shows for up to 60 participants can be arranged.