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Special services:

Full access for the physically disabled to all of the halls and to most of the lobbies
(parking spaces for disabled individuals, elevators, lift chairs, accessible toilets, special spaces for wheelchair placement in the halls). Tickets for wheelchair spaces may be ordered on-line on this site. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are situated beneath Sherover Theatre, next to the main entrance from Marcus Street, and next to the Chopin Street entrance. Reserved parking spaces for disabled individuals may be found surrounding the theatre. Additional assistance is available from the theatre staff at the Sherover entrance, next to the headphone distribution station, as well as in the theatre box office and at the reception desk at the entrance to the theatre offices. There are spaces for wheelchairs in the theatre halls. For further information please contact the theatre box office (tel. 02-5605755) and consult the hall floor plans available in our website.

Disabled individuals with special assistive devices (wheelchairs with oxygen, extra-tall wheelchairs, etc.) are kindly requested to arrange their arrival in advance with the theatre's representative, Dikla (dikla@jer-theatre.co.il), in order to obtain suitable seating in the hall.

Headphones and visual aids-may be borrowed at no cost in the Sherover Theatre lobby prior to events. Please consult with the hall staff if the stand is unattended.

The theatre box office has an access window for the hearing impaired.

A step-hear system is installed in the theatre for the visually impaired. The positions are located in the theatre entrance plaza and at both of the main entrances (Marcus Street and Chopin Street).

Subtitles - Some of the plays presented at the theatre are subtitled in Hebrew/English/Russian. Check for specific information in the program guide and in the theatre website.